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What is it for?

Hedra provides Business Solutions to control business processes and to monitor KPIs, assessing order lead time, payment terms and other such metrics. These can be made available on laptops, tablets and smartphones, anytime, anywhere, to save valuable time in decision making, and drive overall efficiencies.

Using the latest innovations, the supply chain can be made more transparent by linking siloed organizational processes. This helps generate more value with up- and downstream partners in the supply chain.

User-friendly business applications will drive innovation across organizations and supply chain partners, with the goal of boosting profitability.

Our Solutions

Hedra offers various scalable business applications, to design smart business processes, use resources in an efficient way, improve accuracy of forecasts, and implement predictability:


A solution for each market

Whether you are a player in logistics or business services, a local government or a manufacturer, Hedra delivers proven application-based performances, with tamperproof expertise, for any industry. Our applications drive transparency, cost-efficiency and innovation, thereby creating value.


Global software expertise

Hedra offers consulting services to plan and manage software developments, maximizes the cost-to-benefit ratio, and encourages synergies across existing systems. Our software solutions are used across all continents, and benefit from ongoing developments in our own research centers.


Efficiency within range of all businesses

For all businesses, whatever their size, Hedra can provide flexible and scalable applications, available on a pay-as-you-grow basis that protects investments and avoids large upfront investments. We transform Capex into Opex, freeing up valuable capital that can be allocated to your core business.


Performance and security

Hedra can upgrade your legacy systems and applications, and ensure you use the latest software versions and benefit from updated maintenance contracts. This ensures business continuity, improved risk management and increased profitability.

The Hedra Benefits

Increase cost-efficiency and profitability
You can achieve improved cost-efficiencies by implementing applications that increase transparency, cut down overhead costs, and proficiently schedule and allocate resources. With tailor-made business applications from Hedra, you can make your IT spending more profitable, with a positive impact on your bottom line.
Speed up time-to-market
Hedra offers business applications that save valuable time through efficient planning, higher level of transparency, faster decision making, and increased productivity for sales organizations. This shortens time-to-market, and gives you the advantage over any competition, for increased market penetration.
Reallocate capital expenditures
Our scalable solutions turn Capex into Opex and help you plan resources and stocks more efficiently. With applications from Hedra, you can free up valuable capital and reallocate it to your core business. Another example of how innovation generates value.
Service-oriented architecture and dynamic infrastructure
With Hedra, you select your best-of-breed applications from a large panel: workflow-oriented applications, platform-independent ERPs, or advanced communication technologies. Depending on the requirements, solutions can be provided “off-the-shelf” or customized.