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Technology Consultancy


Strategic partnership

At Hedra we focus on strong human values, social ethics and a culture of quality relationships – working to exceed technical excellence in the network infrastructure.

As our customer’s network evolves to enhance productivity and meet business goals, they’ll need a solid partnership, resources and services to support their network’s lifecycle. Hedra services portfolio is designed to enable choice. Delivering efficiency and supporting change.

Optimization of existing processes

We focus on complying with your corporate culture, business processes in place, and existing ICT environment. In our opinion, IT not only supports a business, but also acts as a catalyst for the optimization of existing processes. Therefore, we support CIOs and management teams in analyzing, planning and implementing new ideas. Our years of experience and holistic approach in program and project management ensure that even complex tasks are clearly defined, well planned and implemented smoothly.

We work in close cooperation with you to define your IT strategy and optimize the procurement of hardware and software components.

Project organization

Thanks to our local presence and thorough knowledge of a variety of industries where we operate, Hedra makes the precise analysis of requirements the initial step of every project. This is key in designing a roadmap that is shared with the customer, to make sure that all their requirements are properly addressed. The relationship between Hedra and our customers is managed through a single point of contact, with the responsibility of managing all aspects of the project and deliverables: timeframe, budget, technology options, scalability and overall management of the implementation.

Proven reporting tools are leveraged to help with the proper project implementation, so as to increase customer satisfaction through delivering up-to-date visibility on work progresses, even for remote projects.